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November 2017

In early 1988, some Orthodox believers petitioned Metropolitan Theodosius to start a new mission in Savannah, GA.  These believers began travelling to St Mary of Egypt Church in Atlanta on a monthly basis as well to the Monastery of Resaca, GA, where they eventually met Mother Terri and Fr Peter Smith.  In January 1989 an organizational meeting was held by several Orthodox families in Savannah, and out of this meeting St Mary Magdalene was born.

Deanery clergy visited the Mission twice a month.  For a while the Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the homes of various parishioners until the community was able to gain use of the Seaman House in Savannah, which is situated on Washington Square in the historic section of downtown Savannah.

In May 1990, St Mary's moved into a storefront facility attached to a veterinarian's clinic on Skidway Rd.  In June of that same year, the community's first permanent priest, Fr Adrian Pollard, along with his wife Matushka Xenia and their son Daniel arrived and began ministering to the community.

From November 1994 until April 1995 the community was without a permanent place of worship, but was finally able to rent a facility on Bay St in Savannah, where they stayed until October 1999.  St Mary's then rented worship space in Temple Baptist Church, also in Savannah.

In October 2001, Fr Adrian left St Mary's for another assignment, and in March 2002 the community received its second pastor, Hieromonk James (Bohlman).

In May of 2002 the community purchased a 1.82 acre tract of land a little north of Savannah, in the city of Rincon, GA.  On June 2th, after the Divine Liturgy, the whole community of Orthodox believers of St Mary Magdalene drove to the property for a Cross-planting ceremony, thereby claiming the land for God.  On December 14th, 2002, the community moved into their new Residence on the land, and held their first Divine Liturgy in Rincon on Sunday, December 15th, 2005.

In February of 2006 ground was broken for the construction of the parish’s new Temple. The first service was celebrated in the new building on August 13th, 2006. On June 3rd, 2007 His Eminence the Archbishop Dmitri consecrated the new Temple of St. Mary Magdalene, and sealed relics of the holy Martyr St. Alexander of Rome within the newly consecrated altar.

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