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November 2017
Ministry Groups

Readers and Servers -

The various liturgical services offer many opportunities for service to the community, both in proclaiming the Word of God and assisting the clergy at the altar. 

Tonsured Reader: John Eller

Readers: Dionysius Rusnak, Xenia Pollard, Diakonissa Helena Kocher

Altar Servers:  Thomas Maty, Reader John Eller, Andrei Condratev

Choir -

The choir sings at all liturgical services and is made up of singers both young and old.  Rehearsals are held weekly, and new members are always welcome.

Choir Directors: Denise Norman & Lidya Gulizia

Sopranos: Xenia Pollard, Diakonissa Helena Kocher, Denise Norman

Altos: Kassiane Eller, Lidya Gulizia

Tenors: Dionysius Rusnak

Bass: Benjamin Gulizia

Education -

According to the Church Fathers, the goal of formal education is to allow a follower of Christ to come closer to God, to spread and defend the Faith, and to act as a good steward of His creation.

Adult Education:  Rev. Fr. James (Bohlman)

Catechumenate:  Rev. Fr. James (Bohlman)

Teens:  Fr. Deacon Vassily Kocher

Children:  Diakonissa Helena, Deborah Andrews, and Suzanne Upchurch

St. Mary Magdalene's Sisterhood -

Sisters: Justina Andrews, Katherine Bright, Nonna Eller, Lidya Gulizia, Hilaire Hughes, Diakonissa Helena Kocher, Dorothy Kocher, Denise Norman, Xenia Pollard, Tabitha Popiela, Paula Zaharko, Mary Roth, Laura Howard, Marianne Haugh, Rachel Bright, Laura Homyk, Beverly Cook, Suzanne Upchurch, and Aurora Condratov

The Sisterhood is a way for the women of the parish to build up each other and the Body of Christ through prayer, service, charity and hospitality.  The Sisters meet once monthly, and all adult women of the parish are invited to join.

St. Mary Magdalene's Brotherhood - Father James, Rev. Deacon Vassily Kocher, Reader John Eller, Gregory Givan, Dan Condratov, Dennis Rusnak, Cole Andrews, Lanny Cook, Neil Pasternak, Benjamin Gulizia, Thomas Maty, David Homyk, Kyril Wickenburg, Jeff Bright
Parish Council -

The Parish Council brings together the priest and the laity in the Orthodox spirit of conciliarity to provide for the needs of the church and to be good stewards of the temporal blessings God has granted our community.

President:  Rev. Fr. James (Bohlman)

Warden:    Dennis Rusnak

Treasurer:  Mary Roth

Secretary:  Kathy Eller

Finance:    Benjamin Gulizia

At large:    Dan Condratov, Brandon Howard

Prosphora & Litiya Guild:   Dennis Rusnak, Nicholas & Mary Roth, and Lanny Cook

Vestment Guild:   Dorothy Kocher and Beverly Cook

Library -

Librarian: Hilaire Hughes

Bookstore -

St. Mary Magdalene's Kiosk:  Diakonissa Helena Kocher

Website -

Webmaster - Zacchaeus(Jeff) Bright

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